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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kuta beach, lombok

Indonesia boasts some of the most magnificent scenery in the world and the south coast Lombok rates as being among the best. South Lombok has views that inspire artists and photographers and leaves visitors from around the world speechless at the sublime panoramic beauty that unfolds beach after beach, bay after bay, all along the coast.

The beaches of the south draw crowds to bake on the blindingly white sands, swim in the crystal clear oceans and challenge some of the best surf breaks in Indonesia.

Kuta is the main town and tourism center on the south coast of Lombok, and is the hub for exploring the fantastic southern beaches and the many point of interest in the region.

Located around 60 kilo meters south of Mataram and about one an half hour drive from Senggigi, Kuta makes for wonderful day trips from other points in Lombok, or an alternatively hohliday destination for travellers exploring Lombok.

Since Lombok international airport opened inlate 2011, many of the major roads have been upgraded and the main to Kuta is very good. The new airport is located in Tanak Awu only 25 minute drive north of Kuta and has made access to south very easy.

The proximity to the airport has already sparked an investment boom in the area and major depelopments are expected over the coming year. For now, the south is uncrowded, pristine and spectacular.

General Information
Police office located at Jl. Raya Kuta Mawun opposite of soccer court close by Kimen surf shop. Money changer available at Segara Anak Bungalows but the exchange rates are not very good.

There are plenty much option places to stay on Kuta region ranging from the Luxury of Novotel hotel to the basic home stay. Most of the hotels situated on the beach and provide surfing information.

Most of Lombok's south coasts offer surf-seekers challenging waves of various grades. Particularly there are four surf-points, which are highly recommended for surf lovers. Within the Lombok's Kuta Beach there are two points, namely Gerupuk that provides neutral waves, and Aik Guling offering waves mostly for the left-handed. Several kilometers to the West of Kuta Beach there is Pengantap desert point that provides various grades of attractions, but it is ideal only during the periods of June, July, August, December and January. The next break is at Ekas Beach that reserves challenging waves and reef-break-points, reachable by boat or by land from Kuta Beach on an approximately one and half hour cruise.

Dinning and Entertainment
There are various of cafe's and restaurants in town of Kuta. you can eat pretty well and at reasonable price. Most Tourist and locals socialize and have fun together. In high season, they can all get crowded by tourist and locals.

Lombok People collecting sea worm
Nyale festival
Every February the Sasak people of Lombok have a very interesting ceremony, held on the beautiful Indian Ocean south coast of the island. Thousands of people go to the single beach near Kute (Kuta) where, for one day only, the Nyale sea worms appear. They seek to harvest the worms, which appear only between midday and about 3.30pm on the one day in February.

Special traditional art performances take place, including Betandak, a recitation by two or more performers singing quatrains, and Bejambik, the giving of gifts to lovers. The next day, people join in the ceremony of Belancaran, basically a recreational sea trip.

Bau Nyale celebrates the legend of a beautiful princess, Putri Mandalika, who many centuries ago lived in the royal house of the Tonjang Beru kingdom. She was so beautiful that many princes from all over Lombok were interested in her. On one particular day, and at the same time, six princes came to propose marriage.

This led to much confusion. Putri Mandalika's father, the king, did not know who to choose from among the six suitors, because whatever he did it would inevitably lead to jealousy and eventually warfare among the kingdoms.

Greatly perturbed, he decided to leave the decision to Putri Mandalika, but she too was confused and uncertain what to do because whatever her decision, her choice of a prince to marry would create a situation in which her people would be drawn into conflict and personal sacrifice. According to the legend, Putri Mandalika decided to resolve the situation by ending her life, and jumped into the Indian Ocean from what is now Mandalika Hill. It is said that the Nyale worms are actually the princess's hair, with her people for ever.

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