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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gili Island, Lombok


Unique Tropical Escape! The perfect three coral islands - Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan, fringed with white sand beach and swaying plam trees, lay in the sparkling ocean located just on the north coast of Lombok island. Each of Gili islands has developed independently and at different paces, giving each a different personality or style, and catering to different type of holiday makers and travellers. This means that travellers have a good choice, depending on their individual tastes and what type of island escape they prefer.

Every year the Gilis attract tens thousands of visitors from around the world for their pristine waters, great diving and snorkelling opportunities, and laid back charm.

The word Gili means "small island" so these islands have come to be known as "The Gili's Tramena" by travellers. The Gili's are Lombok's most popular islands and are consistently related as top Sea island destinations by travellers and travel publications.

Although previously popular mainly with backpackers, the Gilis now attract a diverse range of visitors, serious divingenthusiasts, sun seekers looking for the perfect beach gate way, singles, families, and couples of all ages find something to attract them to the Gilis.

There is a good selection of accommodations, restaurants and bars on all three islands, with the bigest range on Gili T. While no body comes to Gilis for shopping, each islands has many small shop selling essentials such as sunscreen, mosquito repellent, toileteries, cold drinks, snacks and more. In addition, there are cheap clothing and t-shirts, sarongs and local handicrafts stalls.

Activities include walking, riding bikes, horse riding and kayaking on Gili T, Yoga, massage and beauty treatments, glass bottom boat trips and island hopping, liveaboards dive trips and cruises to near by islands, fishing, sailing, surfing and all kind of water based activities. The islands provide ample opportunities for visitors to swim, relax, sunbathe, ecplore, snorkel or scuba dive with many internationally accredited dive operators based in Lombok.

Snorkelling is easy in the calm waters directly off the beaches, with plenty of colourful fishes to see. At greater depth and at specific dive locations around the three islands, the pristine waters are home to an abundant variaty of corals, aquatic life and thousands of species of tropical fish.

An impressive array of sea life can be seem, including green and hawkbill turtles, morays, barracuda, reef sharks, occasionally leopard sharks and manta rays and much more. Visibility is very good and commonly in the 15-30 meters range and water temperatures average 23 C(73F) to 29C (84F). Currents around the islands can be quite strong and drift diving is the normal.

Many of the popular dive companies are owned and operated by westerners and PADI and SSI licensed dive operators, with profesional standards of safety and environmental awareness, exist on all three islands.

Surfing and Stand-Up-Paddle Boarding on the Gili Islands

Gili T is the most developed and popular of the three, with the greatest range of facilities and activities. while Gili Air has a relaxed laid back style and is popular with couples and families. Gili Meno is the quitest of the three, perfect for really getting away from it all.

Choose the island that suit you most, or it's easy to combine an island hopping holiday to sample the best of all three.

Source : http://www.lombok-tourism.com/


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