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Monday, November 24, 2014

Ujung Genteng Beach, Sukabumi

The beauty of the south coast await you where the waves accompanied horizon clean and white sand presenting exciting alienation. Edge tiles presents a natural symphony reassuring and arbitrate all the fatigue. Greet beauty in combination spectrum of waves and sky and sea blue clashing.

Location Coastal Edge tiles are in the region Pangumbahan Beach, District Ciracap, Sukabumi at the distance of about 220 km from Jakarta and 230 km from the city of Bandung, and 120 km from the town of Sukabumi. In addition to running pretty smooth as well, there are several alternative paths and adequate public transportation to the destination.

Edge tiles located quite far but its beauty is truly complete until made so close to your heart. It takes patience to get to this place. Prior to the coastline, you have to go through a winding road but when the foot stepped on the coastline, the ripple of the waves of the Indian Ocean will make you forget the fatigue. Corals sprawling along the dazzling white sand makes the heart fascinated sheer beauty.

This is where you will enjoy the crystal clear sea water and clean beaches. On this beach you can also join the fishermen catch lobsters. Although facing the Indian Ocean, but the waves are big no harm because first broke scattered unobstructed sea coral group in front of the beach. This place will spoil you with nature with beautiful beaches, safe, and comfortable.

With a length of about 16 km coastline heading west make Edge tiles as the most beautiful sights along the south coast. Its beauty is not less than Pelabuhan Ratu Beach which had already famous.

On the Edge tiles, in addition to the waves that roll, rock cliffs, and the sprawling white sand, there are also Muara Cipanarikan. This estuary meeting place Cipanarikan River which divides wildlife refuges Cikepuh with sea water. Before getting into the sea, the water of the river winding snake forming a groove running, thus forming a very wide stretch of sand.

Not a few tourists who come from outside the region of Sukabumi such as Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, and so on. They come in groups by using a motorcycle (touring). This is because the motorcycle all the way to the tourist spots this past places that have incredible scenery beautiful. These Sukabumi, Palabuhan Queen, Cigaru a favorite route for this tour touring troupe. From Cisarakan you can enjoy the extraordinary landscape and the stretch of coast Palabuan Queen obvious.

In the colonial period, Edge Tile is a dock for Dutch ships sailing in the Indian Ocean. When the Japanese ruling, utilizing this beach to transport the natural result of Sukabumi. Currently the only remaining debris. Only solid walls and foundation breakwater lighthouse still visible.

The beauty of this beach is really refreshing, waist wide beach is quite spread out your feelings. Barefoot was the one and feel the sand beach menyeruap in between fingers. Your ears really infiltrated only the roar of the waves and the wind boisterous.

On the Edge tiles you can see directly the green turtle (Chelonia mydas) precisely on the beach Pangumbahan. Whenever lay eggs, turtle can produce 100 eggs. Usually turtles will lay eggs went ashore night to make a hole. Events turtles nest is performing very awaited visitors. In this place there are four endemic species of sea turtles Edge tiles. However, their habitats began to decrease, only a common Green Sea Turtles lay eggs. If you want to see turtles laying eggs are advised not to make a fuss, because this will make the turtle reluctant to spawn. After the turtles lay their eggs with the help of a flashlight and a stick you can dig a hole to lay eggs. Depth can reach 1 meter or more.

Locate surfing "Seven Waves" which is a favorite area for foreign tourists surfing. Seven Waves designation according to the population because the wave is always a sequence of seven large waves. Around the Seven Waves, there are several small islands that has a beach that is rarely touched.

For you who love fishing, the Edge Tile is a suitable place where the fish are many and varied.

Edge tiles also have the attraction of coconut sugar making process by the local community. Simple construction by installing bowl to accommodate the liquid from coconuts and flowers are gathered and cooked in a large pot and then printed with a piece of bamboo that is larger than the size of the palm sugar on the market.

Visit Cibuaya also is a very fitting place for bathing or swimming. The shape of the coastal basin with depths varying between 0.5 meters to 6 meters. You will find in it the beautiful coral reefs and enjoy the sunrise from the forest behind Cikepuh or sunset at the end of the ocean. For those who like fishing, Cibuaya a very suitable place because Snapper and Grouper many wandering in this location.

Cipanarikan estuary there are grains of sand are often so subtle arena of children's toys. They run around or form a picture or writing his own name. When you browse the many beaches found ornamental fish swimming freely in the sidelines of the cliff. In this estuary are many marine animals, such as crabs, grouse, lizards, and fish estuary.


Journey to the Edge Tile Beach can be reached in approximately 3-4 hours from the city of Sukabumi with private vehicles. We recommend that you prepare with gasoline fully charged in case where it may be difficult to get SPBU.Bawalah enough food and beverages as a provision in the journey and the destination


Coastal Edge tiles are in Sukabumi. This place can be achieved through Jampangkulon-Surade, the capital district nearby. Vehicles can easily reach the beach Edge tiles, even also have the public transport leading to the Edge tiles.

Travel to the Edge tiles can be reached for 6-8 hours, depending on congestion in Sukabumi, Path towards the summit. The road is paved, is quite good, although sometimes in some places perforated so caution. Only the transportation of Edge tiles to places around the still limited, due to the road conditions and infrastructure.

End tile itself is actually including the District Ciracap, but the name is more closely Edge tiles with small town Surade as a transit point for tourists visiting the Edge tiles using public transport. In addition, means of public transport vehicles are also more common in Surade. From Surade you can go on to the End of tiles by using public transport smaller or so-called "unyil" by society.

To reach the beach Edge tiles located approximately 5 km from the main road. You can hire a motorcycle that has been experienced as a guide for getting there must pass through a path that is only just 1 car and has not been paved also pass through small rivers and roads are slippery when it rains. A motorcycle taxi services as a guide of resident fee is 30-50 thousand dollars.
Route 1: Your path through the Jakarta-Ciawi-Cicurug-Cibadak about 2.5 hours. Then point Cibadak-Pelabuhan Ratu-Cikembar-Jampang Kulon-Surade-Edge GentengRute 2: you past the point of Jakarta-Ciawi-Cicurug-Cibadak-Sukabumi-Middle-Jampang Jampang Kulon-Surade-Edge Genteng.Rute 3: you past the point Bandung- Cianjur-Sukabumi-Middle-Jampang Jampang Kulon-Surade-Edge tiles.

Using Public Transportation
• Jakarta - Bogor - Sukabumi - Overtime Situ - Surade - Edge Tile
o Jakarta - Bogor Rp 8,000, -
o Bogor - Sukabumi (elf) Rp 10.000, -
o Sukabumi - there Overtime Rp 3,000, -
o Overtime Situ - Surade Rp 20.000, -
o Surade - Edge Tile Rp 10.000, -

• Bandung - Sukabumi - Overtime Situ - Surade - Edge Tile
o Bandung - Sukabumi Rp 20.000, -
o Sukabumi - there Overtime Rp 3,000, -
o Overtime Situ - Surade Rp 20.000, -
o Surade - Edge Tile Rp 10.000, -



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