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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Limboto lake, gorontalo

Limboto lake, based on the genesis formation is a low basin or lagoon that also referred to as a type of shallow lakes or lake types of exposure to flooding (flood plain) and located in Gorontalo, North Side of Sulawesi. The main problem that occurred in Lake Limboto is extensive sedimentation and reduction of the lake area. 

When these issues are not resolved well, the Lake Limboto would bring flood problems and local environment extinction. This research is conducted for obtaining strategic countermeasure for lake age elongation and conservation against sedimentation problems. The methodologies are literature studies, field investigations, field measurements, and collecting of community's aspirations (local intelligences). 

The recent Limboto Lake Countermeasure Plan should be enhanced by considering original natural function of the lake as flood inundation basin. It was to late to trap sediment inside the lake, therefore sabo technology should be implicated in more effective scheme with public participation. The inside lake sediment transport mechanism with sediment trap and Tapodu barrage water gate installation simulation scenario need to be socialized and studied thoroughly before fully implemented in order to avoiding another possible problems such as larger flooding and ecologic degradation.

source : http://www.sciencedirect.com/


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